Theme for MEMC Week 2016-17 - "सतत विकास, हमारा प्रयास"

“28th Year of Celebration”

Mines Environment & Mineral Conservation Week” (MEMC Week) is celebrated every year under the aegis of India Bureau of Mines (IBM) – Nagpur Region. The Mines of Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra and some part of Madhya Pradesh fall in this region.

2016-17 is the 28th year of its celebration. 

Various teams consisting of Officers of different mines inspect all the participating mines under different heads like : Afforestation, Waste Dump Management, Top Soil Management, Reclamation & Rehabilitation, Management of Minerals & Sub-grade Minerals, Air Quality Management, Water Quality Management, Noise - Vibration Control & Aesthetic Beauty, Publicity and Propaganda and Over All Performance; are evaluated and Prizes are given during the Final Day Function.

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